Scryber Core

Scryber.Core is the engine to create dynamic documents quickly and easily with consistant styles and easy flowing layout. It’s open source; flexible; styles based; data driven and with a low learning curve.

A document generation tool written entirely in C# for dotnet core.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<pdf:Document xmlns:pdf=""
            xmlns:data="" >
        <pdf:String-Param id="Title" value="Document Title" />

        <data:JsonDataSource id="XmlSource" source-path="http://localhost:5000/Home/Json" ></data:JsonDataSource>

        <styles:Style applied-type="pdf:H1" applied-class="title" >
            <styles:Background color="#336666"/>
            <styles:Fill color="#FFFFFF"/>
            <styles:Font family="Gill Sans" size="24pt" italic="true"/>


        <pdf:Page styles:margins="20pt">
                <data:With datasource-id="JsonSource"  >

                <pdf:H1 styles:class="title" text="{@:Title}" > </pdf:H1>

                    <data:ForEach value="{@:.Entries/Entry}" >
                        <pdf:Text value="{@:.Name}" />



Easy, and intuitive structure

Whether you are using xml templates or directly in code, scryber is quick and easy to build complex documents from your designs and data.

Intelligent flowing layout engine

In scryber, content can either be laid out explicitly, or jut flowing with the the page. Change the page size, or insert content and everything will adjust around it.

Cascading Styles

With a styles based structure, it’s easy to apply designs to templates. Use class names, id’s or component types, or a combination of all 3 to apply style information to your documents.

Low code, zero code development

Scryber is based around xml templates - just like XHTML. It can be transformed, it can be added to, and it can be dynamic built. By design we minimise errors, reduce effort and allow reuse.

Binding to your data

With a simple binding notation it’s easy to add references to your data structures and pass information and complex data to your document, or get the document to look up and bind the data for you.