Version History

The following change log is for developers upgrading from previous versions, or looking for new features

Version 5.1.0

Released 31st August 2021

Major update to the binding framework

  • Added support for handlebar expressions {{}}, as well as calc() and var() in css
  • Extensible function library based on the Expressive open source library
  • Updated the library to use the document component for loading remote files, fonts and images.
  • Added async support for document Generation with remote requests for images, fonts, etc.

Other minor enhancements and fixes

  • Added caching support to the document via the Scryber.ServiceProvider.
  • Fixed a bug on the font factory for multi-threading.

Version 5.0.7

Released 30th May 2021

Cool new features added

  • Added support for float left and right within a single block (e.g. p, div)
  • Added support for linear and radial gradients within css.
  • A couple of other minor bug fixes.

Version 5.0.6

Released 30th March 2021

A catch up and fix release for the library, while we are building the docker images and playground.

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

  • Support for parsed JSON objects in binding - along with std types and dynamic objects. (See: Dynamic content in your template)
  • Css ‘margin:value’ is applied to all margins even if explicit left, right etc. has been previously applied. (See: Styles in your template)
  • Conformance is now carried through to templates, so errors are not indavertantly raised inside the template. (See: Scryber Trace Log)
  • Missing background images will not raise an error. (See: Images in documents)
  • Support for data images (src=’data:image/..’) within content - thanks Dan Rusu!
  • Images are not duplicated within the output for the same source.

Version 5.0.5

Released 28th February 2021

Big Hitters

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

  • Classes and styles on template tags are supported.
  • Html column width and break inside
  • CSS and HTML Logging
  • Binding speed improvements for longer documents.
  • Fixed application of multiple styles with the same word inside
  • Allow missing images on the document is now supported.
  • Contain fill style for background images.

Version 5.0.4

**Initial SVG Support (See: Drawing with SVG) **

Local font urls along with some bug fixes.

Version 5.0.3


** Upgrade to support dotnet 5 **

Plus increased support for the HTML parsing with entities and DTD

Version 1.1 Core Change log

This is a breaking change for existing implementations, but represents a significant step foreward.

  • XML content should now use the doc: prefix for the components namepsace
  • The Scryber.Components namespace classes no longer have the PDF prefix i.e. PDFDocument is now Document.
  • The output of a pdf method has changed SaveAsPDF
  • Updated the schemas to match the new document structure

Other changes include the use of the match=’[css selector]’ on styles with priorities based on depth, and the support for xhtml as a root element in a document parsing.

Version 1.0 Core Change log

The first release of the library for DotNet Core

It includes the switch to a Document/Data element Improved layout capabilities The support for TTC (true type collection fonts) Various other enhancements